Our Gravity

May 17, 2012
By MochaBear BRONZE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
MochaBear BRONZE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
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your permanence permeates my skin, pulling pleasure from my lips, precocious in their power
but now i can see that permanence is a falsehood
we find comfort in the illusion that our favored ones just kind of stick around
infallible in their forays, familiar phrases and their faded jeans
because we link our objects to faces in a maternal bond to material
a modern mismanagement of emotion
when we miss, mourn and reminisce,
we pay homage to the touches exchanged
forehead to forehead
clutching clothing
a yearning for the tension of being tightly restrained by our affections
your heart strings are too fragile
they snap like the wings on a hummingbird
taut until tendons tear from bone and flesh and regret
a sad, careless little accident, like toys cracked to bits by a toddler's clumsy hands
creating small innocent chaos
you snip your ties and they fall
smoldering from scissor friction
in a cascade to the ground
snuffed out, collecting in a pile of discarded ashes
smoke rising to the sky
then relief
relief from the moratorium on our push and pull
that stabilizing tension that dragged us to sanity
now we're thrown into the wild
wind whipping our backs, smoke on the air, the ice cold rush of reality's waters and comforting warmth of the sun on our hair
dipped upsidedown in freedom
coating our bodies in white desire
dunks our minds thoroughly in muddled clarity

The author's comments:
reflection on a past relationship

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