Adolescence (I am The Unicorn)

May 17, 2012
By MochaBear BRONZE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
MochaBear BRONZE, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania
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i demand the world
no desire to have life shake me awake
i want sunshine scorching my irises with epiphanies
fast foward through commercials/dye my hair a shade of easter egg/tug shove and hack up adolescence
spit in my palm
and there's the universe
in that puddle, it's folded out like a map
my paper cuts will leak memories
infinity folded into tear shaped drops of gunk
they'll leave my stains in the oddest of places

like emily dickonson i want the sun in a cup
my magic markers bring wounds to paper
reduced to pulp in a frenzy of rainbow
i spit sparkles
breathe color
i am the unicorn

my mind is a psychadelic nightmare of the atypical
and the shockingly standard
you'll find me suspended in the acrid water
of a hotel swimming pool
belly up/soggy corpse/generally unappealing/hollywood style
tragically cliched
overdose on aspartame
(too much tea)
love me some chemicals

more toxicity than human
drinking down the media like grape kool-aid from childhood
bite, chew, swallow my way through teen vogue
(suntanned fairytales)

my system is infected
a mix of creativity and the sickeningly shallow
paper wrapped numbers/ink diluded desire/conformity in a shade of 80's zebra print
all swimming around my insides like tadpoles
in a swamp of watercolor and diet pepsi
sparkly posion, pissing a rainbow of insecurities on everyone else
(Unicorn friendly)

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