She hurts and she cries

May 17, 2012
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She hurts and she cries,
But you can’t see the depression in her eyes,
Because she just smiles through the lies
She hides her sorrow behind a mask
She bides her time while she laughs
She acts happy, she seems just fine,
But she’s dying inside,
Even though the only thing she does is sigh
No one even bothers to ask if she’s okay,
No one ever sees at the end of the day,
When her smile turns to a frown,
Her eyes become dull and grey,
When the first of her tears starts to fall,
She walks away from everyone she knows,
She goes outside during the night,
Trying to rid thoughts from her mind,
She waits for someone to come up to her,
And tell her, ‘every things gonna be alright’,
She gave someone her heart, and trusted them blind,
And before she knew it,
The one she used to call, ‘mine’,
Moved on, and left her to be swept away in the tide.

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