it's only you i'm losing

May 17, 2012
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It’s only lies that I’m living
It’s only tears that I cry
It’s only you that I’m losing
I guess I’m doing fine
It’s only my heart that’s breaking
It’s only my trust that’s gone
It’s only smiles I’m faking
I guess to you, I was only a pawn
You were only my everything
I only ever hurt you in some way
You were only the one I’d do anything for
I only ever wanted to be with you
When I see you, I think of all the good things
When I see you, my thoughts only bring pain
When I see you, my shattered heart aches
When you see me, you just walk away
You keep your distance now, to try and keep me safe
You try to avoid hurting me in every way
But in your efforts, I only hurt more
The pain of knowing you still care hurts more when you’re when you’re not there
I don’t know lies from the truth
I don’t know what to believe, when I can’t trust you
I don’t know what to do, and I’m so confused
Do you love me? Or don’t you know?
Did you ever mean what you said? Cause I meant every word
It’s only you I’m losing,
I guess I’m not doing fine

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