A Little BirdIe Told Me

April 30, 2012
By Anonymous

A Little Birdie once told me
Deep beneath the city streets
Is where my soul breathes
In a sail boat at sunset I was sent out to sea
Destined to never reach land
Destined to die
Always hold love close as the moon dies down once more
Gain more faith each day the sun returns to the sky
Take in each rain drop
As a blessing from above
Every step to humbleness
Self clarity may soon come
Through the voice of a song-bird
From the talons of an eagle
The whisper of a hummingbird
Within the security underneath the swans wing
Even in the form of a sitting dove
Silently awaiting clearance of the fog
Venture onto a new path
No resistance to withholding dreams
Everything and everyone
Are exactly what they seem
But the murkiness never ceases
So the correct finish line is never reached
Look passed the clouds
Into the burning blue
If you’re sincere
Your wishes, dreams are true
A little birdie will come and help guide you
Across the oceans
Through the storms
Your little birdie wont rest until you’ve both attained victory throughout the relentless waves and fields of thorns.

The author's comments:
I wrote this April 28th. I got kicked out by my own grandmother, disowned by my brother because of the things my grandmother told him that weren't true or accurate, now living with my boyfriend, got a job, and taking care of my father like he's my own child.

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