The Duality of My Being

April 30, 2012
Clouds pass silently over a field of radiant yellow flowers as the sun shines to warm them,
And I can not help but feel a sense of pure joy.
I run through the maze of sunflowers and questions fill my mind.
I wonder how something so natural can be so beautiful,
For at times, in this world, it seems to me that beauty is defined by cost.
My smile continues to spread until I am left beaming from one ear to the other.
But soon the brilliant rays of sunlight disappear and the sky begins to grey and darken.
My mood worsens with the weather,
And a cold, hard attitude replaces the blissful feeling I had felt before.
Every miniscule thing begins to aggravate me,
As I am forced to bite my tongue so the nasty words cannot escape my mouth.
But anger leaves my body just as quickly as it had come,
For my heart is a constant reminder of my loving nature.

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