April 30, 2012
By Sam Vande Loo BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
Sam Vande Loo BRONZE, Stewartville, Minnesota
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The now will be the past,
The future as the present,
We shall be left behind
upon this sea of forward
Us new will be the old,
Our memories forgotten
left to sink into oblivion
What will we be then,
with who we are lost and broken?
Oh, there will be the few
whose deeds will be written
but what of us, the many
who will die, with nothing taken to teach,
to the young who are the now
and the future present
Our lessons just as good
but still left to fade
under the deeds of the few
who have achieved their forever
under ink and pen
What a shame it is
to let these stories be consumed
by the fire of the end

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