Being "Strong"

April 30, 2012
By UnwrittenDead GOLD, Durant, Oklahoma
UnwrittenDead GOLD, Durant, Oklahoma
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She wants to tell them, really She does.

She wants to tell them She isn't the girl they once knew.

She was the girl that lost so much and couldn't tell you,

but She turned cold and dark, pushing away the light.

See now She wishes She knew what was right,

because in the dark it's so hard for Her to fight.

She keeps going around in circles trying to find her way,

but the black and white She knew has now turned a morbid gray.

She is trying so hard but She won't be the same.

She has been cut away;

pieces of Herself She lost along the way,

She now knows She didn't need.

She feels sorry for those She met in these years,

She has done a great misdeed.

You may not know it, but you have been lied to.

Take heed She was a strong girl, who broke and fell apart.

She has given Her a second chance, for the most part.

Yes, She may be crazy and a little demented at heart,

but that's what happens when innocent dreams turn to guilty nightmares.

When your mind is like Hers you think no one cares,

She realizes She can't show weakness, She must repair.

She hoped She could turn it around,

but soon She was in despair.

She began to drown, refusing to scream,

reaching out for an open hand.

As the thick blood of Her past choked Her,

She thought She could withstand.

She believed She could take on the world,

but She couldn't understand

that the substance that suffocated Her,

were the lies She had forced down Her own throat.

She made Herself a place where She could bear,

this myth after time, turned to a coat.

Her heart was chained up so tight and locked away,

but it wanted to be released so it tried.

After so long it was warped and confused,

it did not know what to decide.

They are two very different girls that inhabit one brain,

They heal each other but they also feel the others pain.

One knows She needs help but refuses to ask,

the other wants to be "fine" so She wears a mask.

Tell me, which is more in the wrong?

And why do They think this means being strong?

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