Something Old

April 30, 2012
You, whose smile belongs to an eight year old child
And whose eyes are an anonymous star
You, who is all spicy chili sauce, non-mild
And who is an inner-soldier sent far

Who is a walk in the dark with a bright flashlight,
A tree that provided companionship and was built of height
Whose laugh originated from a cackling witch
And jokes came out quicker than a fastball-pitch

The thriller of a mystery
The intrigue of the world’s history
The inspiration from insightful words
The rush of a roller coaster going up and down
Down and up up up up down down up down up

The horror of looking down from the sky high coaster
And the disgust from a vandalized poster.
Who is left with long walks in the pouring rain
The allergies of peanut butter giving off pain

These past few days, what happened to your smile?
The annoyance of a whiney child who wants to stay awhile.
A confusing map turned up-side-down
A flinch from the glimmering-too-shiny crown

You who contradicted “happily ever after”
Finally, the start of a new chapter!
No more regrets from a big mistake
Sarcasm is happiness? What a fake.

The dragging feeling of a Monday
It’s over , we’re over, game over,
It’s Friday!

No ending with goodbyes to a hubby sailor
Some ending on the phone, styled Joe & Taylor.
No anger, no nothing, just a terrible goodbye.
Some frowns, some nothing, some tears
It’s okay, there are memories saved for the hard years.

You are the opportunity of a good chance,
I’m glad we can walk away from this last dance.

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