Broken Xbox 360

April 28, 2012
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Once upon a time
In a land far, far away.
There was a fat and lazy king
Who played Xbox night and day.

His name was King Freeloader
And Lethargia was his kingdom.
He was a total slacker
A completely useless bum.

“Fetch me my Xbox, you fool!”
He shrieked to the court jester.
“Fetch me Halo! Fetch me Rock Band!”
“Be quick about it, Chester!”

But the King did not know
About the deadly rings of three
That glowed upon the console
Of his Xbox 360.

“Your highness” the court jester said
“I have bad news to tell.”
“Your Xbox is broken.
Please don’t throw me down the well.”

“My King, it has been overplayed
And the whole console has died.
Broken, ruined, wrecked, and useless
I’m afraid it’s completely fried!”

The King yelled “What!?!
How can this be?
I played my precious games
Just yesterday, you see.”

“That’s the problem, King”
Chester the jester replied.
“You play it too much, your kingdom is ruined
And all your people have died!”

“Are you happy now? You fat, old pig
Do you see what you have done?
All this Xbox foolishness
I hope it was worth the fun.”

“My God, Chester – you’re right!
I’ve been a fool for sure.
I know how to make it right.
Yes, I’ve got the cure.”

“There will be no more Xboxes in Lethargia.
Chester, you’ve got that right.
Ban them all, take them away!
Get them out of my sight!”

So there you have it, boys and girls.
A very happy ending
For the king and all his kingdom
No more excessive Xbox time-spending.

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