Spell on these eyes

April 28, 2012
By Ishita BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
Ishita BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
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Some thorns, some roses and droplets of rain...perfect for bruises, a hurt smile and pain.

For when ages are long gone, and
I turn then back for once
Who will ever know
through ages what I've saved
of falls, and of laughter?
Who will ever know?
All of it, luckily and sadly no one.
I can throw words,
curiosity or care, does it matter?
Yet I can never pour myself,
for when ages are long gone, and
I'm turned to face the sky
Who will ever know
what my stone eyes once held?
Will the stars shower tears,
at my demise, my end?
My blank eyes,
at the end after all, it is a vicarious world,
now to someone else should they make see
I spare my eyes, they've a lot more to see.

The author's comments:
I sometimes feel insignificant, like all of us do at times, wondering what will happen after I'm gone, thinking if anyone would remember my name after I am just a body, and questioning myself what will happen of all things I've seen throughout.
'Does it matter?'
This is the question I've always asked myself, and I know that I can never know the answer. I just hope that after I'm long gone, my eyes continue to live and see, more and much more, for this is one thing which matters to me, matters a lot.

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