The Spirit of the Holocaust

April 27, 2012
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Avi looks in the mirror,
And he’s afraid that his nose is too big,
Such a trait of his never seemed clearer,
Than the moment the kids in class told him that his people were greedy pigs.

Avi is only five years old,
And knows that he is different,
The story of his people is the one untold,
His ancestry is absent.

Avi looks in the mirror,
And he’s afraid that he’s dreaming too small,
His grandmother in a gas chamber was too quiet for anyone to hear her,
His people were degraded and so he must assume the role of helping others who fall.

Avi is only ten years old,
And he knows that the end is near,
If he does not defend his people like he was told,
For the others will do anything to see a minority shed a tear.

Avi looks in the mirror,
And he’s afraid that he doesn’t have any power,
Some people hate his kind, but he cannot live in fear,
No matter what he cannot change who he is, not in a day and not in an hour.

Avi may only be fifteen years old,
But he knows that he has passion,
To remind all that targeting people because they are different is cold,
And that it will be sure to make the world come down crashing.

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