Best Day of my life

April 27, 2012
By AnonymousOne BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
AnonymousOne BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
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"Heart Nd Soul"

I heard what you said
and I know you did too
it feels so much different
when it's just me and you
i felt your arms around me
and you touched me tenderly
when you stroked my hair
i eased on you more gently
laying there with you baby
just the best day of my life
forgetting all the judgements
forgetting all the fights
to you I'm addicting
and of course i feel the same
like when you're here
baby is your name
and 3 hours baby,
the longest of my life
giving me so much pleasure
temporarily lost my sight
and i know absolutely
what you felt
when you looked me in my eye
like you could do this happily
until the day you die
and every time I think of that
I know I'll happily cry
telling him all my feelings
to him i cannot lie
i heard what you said that day
and i know you did too
i know you thought
you were slick
but i heard you say,
"I Love You"

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