April 27, 2012
You’ve made me speechless,
There’s not a word I could utter,
That wouldn’t come out as a mutter.
Not a phrase I could say,
That wouldn’t take all day.
Not a joke I could tell,
That doesn’t suck or smell.

When I stare beauty in the face, I lose all hope.
No matter how cool I act, I’ll just look like a dope.
You’re so friendly and sweet,
I don’t wanna just Facebook or tweet!
I wanna talk to your face,
And get you laughing at a nonstop pace.
I wanna hold your hand.
And kiss you where you stand.
I wanna stay up all night to cuddle,
Then go out dancing in the rain and jump in a puddle!

That might sound foolish but to me that’s love!
A way to express yourself with another person,
That makes your heart fly like a dove.
Yet when I see that smile,
It makes me so nervous in an uncool style.
I just wanna fall down and cry,
Cause my words can’t express my love,
That stretches higher than the sky!

Are you tired of just falling in love in your dreams?
Then get off your lazy a-- and scream!
Let yourself be heard to that special person,
That secret lover,
Your one obsession,
Let loose that confession!
Who cares if you fail?
In the end I don’t want any regrets,
I’d rather have loved and loss,
Than to never have loved at all.

There’s no point to stall!
Emotions come out sooner or later,
So why not now!?
Do it before your heart blows,
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure that one person knows…

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