I Am Me

April 27, 2012
You say I am a disappointment since I am not you.
Because I don’t get up at two so I can leave at six.
Because I don’t strut around in an inch of fabric
Thinking I’m some type of dream
When I’m really a nightmare.
Because I’d rather be home alone with a pencil and paper
Then out with the crowd holding a plastic cup and a joint.

I am me.

I dye my hair. But I don’t want it the color of summer.
I dye it the color of autumn.

Sometimes I despise my face
but I won’t sell my home to change it.

I am me.

I accept me.
That’s why I am different from you.

I am me
Not some version of who you think I should be.
I tried, you know.
You remember that?

I borrowed your clothes
stole your makeup
copied you in every way.
I had everyone fooled into thinking I was them.
I changed the outside. I couldn’t change my soul.

That’s when I learned
I don’t want to be part of the whole because I am me.

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