How Couold You Do That

April 27, 2012
By pineappleolivs98 BRONZE, Cashmere, Washington
pineappleolivs98 BRONZE, Cashmere, Washington
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im selfish imaptient and a little insecure i make mistakes i am out of control and at times hard to handle. but if you cant handle me at my best then you appsolutely dont deserve me at my best.

~Marilyn Monroe~

You said you weren’t like that
But you actually are

It was my day
But you made it yours

You didn’t think about others
Only about him

You lied to me
Straight to my face

You chose him over me
What a tragedy

For me it was all pain
No gain

I felt like I had lost
Because you were being a boss

It was my day
And now those memories will never go away

You had a chance
But you didn’t advance

You stayed there
And didn’t even care

Didn’t care what was around you
Or who you were with you
didn’t seem to care on bit.

You stayed with him
Rather than with me

So I was mad
And a little bit sad

Why him over me
We are besties

I couldn’t get you guys apart
You both perfect for each other at the heart

You don’t care who you are a round
But it was my day not yours.

You are like that
It pretty obvious to me

I’m not the only one
But you will never be done

You said you weren’t like
But I disagree

The author's comments:
it was my 14th birthday party and we were all having fun but my best friend wass up in the top of my cousins garage away rom everyone with the boy she likes. and instaed of being with here best friend she chose to be with a boy and make out with him. she missed like half of my party and she was with our other best friend and that one didnt want to leave the firest one so she had to stay and miss out to.

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