Just For You

April 30, 2012
From holiday dinners
While you cooked for hours
From fishing in the lake
While you helped me cast my line
You were always there
You were there for everything
I never thought it’d be different
But then you got sick
You were diagnosed with cancer
You refused to eat anything
Your body was shrinking, deteriorating
You lied there while I held your hand
And kissed you on the cheek
I didn’t want this to be real
I couldn’t imagine life without you
I thought you’d be at my graduation
I thought you’d be at my wedding
I thought you’d be there through it all
But your soul was taken from this earth
I don’t know where you are now
But I hope to see you again
For now I will just wait
Live my life through you
Be as strong and hardworking as you
I will strive to do my best
Just for you.

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