Through the Night Sky

April 27, 2012
There is no hiding from it, there is no way out. It will find you. No matter where you are it’s coming. It creeps up and lurks through the night sky and it seeks anyone it can find. It scares us in ways that are too deep to describe. It destroys all our stability and suddenly the rock our two feet stand steady on, shifts. Everything is gone and you’re left with nothing but a broken heart. Time goes on and still you see nothing but the end. There is no happiness, love, and no changes. You try to overlook the tribulations you are faced with but they manage to find you, stop you dead in your tracks, and leave you with no ideas. Time passes by and the emptiness lingers in your heart, mind and soul. You try to fill the hole but you give up all hope that things will change. All your dreams and plans vanish over time. With no one to lean on you hide your heart, which has been tossed around like a football. Through all that, you seem to find a way out of the darkness and recapture the moments through the light. With every breath you feel a beautiful release take over you.

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