The Pre-Grad

May 13, 2012
By Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
Creative_Flame SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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“The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” — Alan Alda

The ship majestic sight, a crown of beauty white
Appearing through the drab mist of misery, yet
The cruise unyielding, its task undone
To swim for lonely hearts

Beating with life, verge of evolution
Bittersweet farewell
To innocence
Thrilling youth

Gracious smiles peering through the night
Emerging from the shining lamp’s light
Young men dressed in suits grey and black
Youthful women adorned in beauty and knack
Sighting the majestic cruise
Hallelujah! Sings every soul’s muse
Down the ramp of steel lavished feet glide
Cross the creaking wood bridge the youth stride
To approach the ship, plain in sight
To leave dull March, shower’s night

Greeting entrance of singles and duos
Coats and umbrellas speckled in moist crystals
Hung in racks of white and grey
To step onto the carpet, made
Of bristles soft as feathers floating
And behold the splendor within
Colorful shining shimmery lights
Flashing above seats splendid white
Which the tired sit to rest
And commence their tales, their best

The marble-like cruise of the dock departs
Plunging to the waves, sloshing apart
Guests’ fleeting looks, murmuring whispers
Hindering hesitance melts away and fall
To raucous laughter and pleasant chatter
Amidst the aura so pleasant, patters
Hungry stomachs pining for food
To which the host’s dressed black and white
Serve platters of food borne from the thrashing sea
Serving floods of sodas gushing from nozzles, free
Hunger sated, growling symphony nullified
Thirst quenched, raspy voices fading into clarity

Dreaded boredom beginning to fester
Halted in heed of music thrumming
Sonorous vibrations round every alcove
Eyes drawn upward to these throbbing sounds
Souls floating toward the dancing round
An orb of light flaring bright
Dancing prancing jumping light
Blurring feet and blaring voices
Each a master of their own devices
Up and down the feet did swing
On and on the music did ring
Till Weariness’ cold sting
Touched both the one’s and two’s
The worn retreat to the deck below
To platters of food and chatter

Turmoil reigns outside the hull
Pellets of rain plummet at the ship and sea
Thrashing winds flail at the dark waters, while
Within the cruise the tired teens
Shielded from nature’s heedless wrath
Get up once again
To chant and sing and dance
Yet difference in rhythm
Primary frenzy beat, previous
Does ring this time around

The duos move in sync and dance
Looking at the other partner
Swaying gently in passionate embrace
Theirs is a dance of their own, for
Theirs is a dance of love so young
Theirs is a dance of harmony so perfect
Theirs is a dance of affection so plain
So sweet and kind and warm
Their gazes burning like fire
A pair of stars shining in the darkness
Glimmering only for their partners
Their breath a spur for their melody
Laboring with their Sweet
This perfect harmony continuing
So fully whole and true
Their every step a poem of adoration
Duets so grand, so bold and strong
Yielding for their partner’s rhythm,
An acceptance of flaws and failures
Fickle Aphrodite has no choice but yield
To these dancing unified spring roses
While the singles look on in sad remorse
Of being alone in a sea of companionship
Alone to mull personal failures

Alas, all but time are mortal
To the bored and affectionate
The time has come and passed
The ship nears its journey’s end
The dock swims up and approaches
Duos and singles get up and brace
For the cold bite of March showers night
Away from the cruise so bright at night
Away from the light and into the darkness

The author's comments:
This article was based on my perceived experiences of the Pre-grad that was held by my school on a boat. I tried to summarize the whole event into chapters that led into one another.

Note: when I wrote "To innocence thrilling youth goodbye," I meant that going onto adulthood, the people on the boat were going to lose the protection and exemption that youth are given in Canadian Law. In addition, the cruise could be seen as the first step of the threshold from child hood to adulthood, to the world

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