A Week in Love

May 13, 2012
By Anonymous

It’s Sunday down-turned looks
And Monday “accidental” grazes
The Tuesday pats on the hand
And the Wednesday afternoon gazes
The Thursdays seated side by side
And the Fridays spent grinning
But all those days of quiet touches
That’s only just the beginning
Friday night and Saturday—
It’s the space when dreams come true
We lounge around in sweatpants
And watch classic old cartoons
Or queer movie marathons
So long they play through noon
So we ride our bikes to the store
We buy ice cream and share a spoon
And when we fall asleep
It’s always side by side
We smile and look into each others’ eyes
And hold hands extra tight
But when Sunday dawns anew
The magic spell is gone
The carriage has become a pumpkin
This thing between us is done
And you pretend like nothing’s there
And I just play along
But really I feel like dying each time
I hear that Tegan & Sara song
And I wish you’d look me in the eyes
And tell me that you don’t
Find me attractive, not at all
Somehow I think you won’t
Maybe it’s just wishful thinking
A teen girl’s lonely dream
But I can’t shake this feeling
That there’s something to be seen
So why do I stay
Why don’t I just go
I have to tell the reasons why
Or I’ll have nothing left to show
For best friends are forever
But true love, that’s for life
And if you chose, I’d always be there
Another woman’s wife

The author's comments:
I was inspired by my ambiguous relationship with a girl who has been my best friend for years. Recently, our relationship has taken a turn into uncharted waters, and I have no clue what to make of it. We're close to graduating high school and going our separate ways, and though I'm usually a pretty rational person, the romantic in me just wants to be with her forever.
This poem could be about any confusing relationship, and the fact that it happens to be about two girls shouldn't matter, which is why I only revealed the genders of the two people at the very end of the poem.

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