I am different

May 13, 2012
By Calmary SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
Calmary SILVER, Randolph, Massachusetts
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I am different
Different from the world’s perception,
Different from what
I am expected to be,
I live and breathe differently.

I often deny the fact
that I fight alone,
And I lose alone,
And drearily walk alone,
Because inside, I live and breathe differently.

I often wondered why I had no fancy table to eat on,
Or no mother, no father to share a single bread with,
Or no sister, no brother to yell at for saying goofy things,
Or a lasting memory
to hold inside of me,
Of how a family could
have been like,
Because I know I was left alone to breathe and live differently.

I often wondered if my life could have been different,
If I had everything a child should have had
A bedtime story, a toy of mine own,
A mother I could call on,
A father I could convince to get what I want,
A home I could have love.

I am different,
For I battle against the world,
And the world battles against me,
But I win now because I found someone to live and breathe with,
Because even though I am different,
For that person,
Our heart beat the same.

The author's comments:
It is inspiration from my best friend who lost her mother due to cancer and never found who her father was. almost through out her life she was always depressed until someone special that she love showed her how perfect she is.

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