It's all just a dream

May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

It was raining
She saw what was happening, it seemed the whole world is in slow motion
She started to cry
She ran to the body
The bleeding body, underneath the racing train
Bruises, cuts, amputated legs
So much blood gets on AJ's hands and chest... As she tries to bring me to live
I laid there, losing blood, trying to keep holding on in AJ's arms...
Tears streamed down AJ's face, as she can't feel my heartbeat any more
She cried, and cried, and cried untill the paramedics came
She tried to stop them from touching her precious best friend
She loved me...
She cried into my bleeding chest, hoping my heart will beat again
She screamed out of pain and anger
"AJ! AJ! Wake up!" I said, shaking her
My sister woke up, with tears in her eyes "You're alive Bree!!!" She said, hugging me tightly
"Umm, yes of course I am" I said all confused, hugging her back
"What was your dream?"
"Oh, it's just nothing...I'm just really happy you're okay" She said, with a sparkle in her eyes
I smiled, hugged her again, not knowing what happened in her dream.

The author's comments:
This short story, well...My best friend was worried that I will leave her, as in kill myself, because of what just happened to me and her. So I wrote this, out of inspiration. I tell her I love her through my poems and stories. Just to remind her that i'm not leaving her and that I love her.

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