The Beach Trip

May 13, 2012
By Maham BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
Maham BRONZE, Sugar Land, Texas
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We let the adventure ahead of us dissolve on our tongues
And anticipated the abnormal to turn into a reality,
The unknown consequences of this timeless journey
Was about to show us what type of being we really were.
Imagination and our state of mind was the fuel to this drug
And if you let your fears rule your inner conscious,
You just might not be able to run away from the unreal.
Soon the life that was once mundane appeared aesthetic
Human ability to care washed off with the waves
While the ocean invited our bodies farther away from land.
The high crept on to us subtly until the unusual was part of the norm
Our minds expanded while any negativity vanished slowly from life
Poseidon suddenly invited himself over to control the motion of my body
While my friend grew the ability to wrap air around her fingers
“Did you see that?” exclaimed my friend
“Do you hear that?!”
Bland and insignificant objects became a new kind of beauty
Perfection was being created in front of my eyes
Never had I felt such inner peace and contentment
Nature was speaking to us, emphasizing that there was nothing to be afraid of
One's own mentality was being tricked into believing the unreal
Or was it real all along and we were just noticing?
For such a cheap price I landed into a such a high circumstance
A hushed voice crept into my ear, repeating "It's just the sid!"...

The author's comments:
This is a poem about two friends who took acid for the first time at the beach.

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