Where I am from

May 12, 2012
By loseig GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
loseig GOLD, Naperville, Illinois
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I am from grass stains “good games” and a whole weekend of play by plays
I am from endless evenings with blankets all warm and fuzzy, white air puffed popcorn extra butter
Hagelslag is where I am from
I am from my mom. Seeing those two fingers and always plotting to find a way to make her admit which finger she likes more
Being loud is where I am from, yelling screaming, and great nights ending with a bang
I am from Waffle Houses at every exit and every other street named Peach Tree lane
Nonna’s pasta is where I am from
I am from the brook, sweating chlorine, white towels, forgetting sunblock and regretting it later. Scheming how to fake sickness at 6 in the morning and suddenly getting better just in time to go to that thing at 12.
Airplanes are where I am from. Unlimited soft drinks (and 80 trips to the lavatory), getting stuck with the window seat, and then two hours into the flight, climbing over my family to empty my bladder of tea once again
I am from the rain. Saying my last prayers and finally finding my way to dreamland as the steady pitter patter above me, helps me take my last step into dreamland
Respect learned the hard way is where I am from
I am from my older brother, from the days cursing him in my sleep to the days falling asleep on his shoulder
Breakfast in bed is where I am from
I am from learning to accept myself as a human being
I am from realizing doing things to feel good about yourself is better than doing things for other people
I am from trips back and forth across the street, feeling like home in both places, the smell of my second home always knowing I am accepted there
Learning the feeling to care about someone is where I am from
I am from learning how to be myself

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