How Popularity Killed Me

May 12, 2012
By , Lakewood, CO
Her eyes shined,
A devinstatinly bright red,
As she held the potted plant,
Vicilously above her blonde little head,

Her teeth showing like a wolf,
Clothes rumpled on her damaged body,
You would have never known,
They used to be so gaudy,

I hated that “popular” girl,
So damn much,
But I never would’ve guessed,’
I’d be the first to throw a punch,’

I dodged the flying bowl,
and threw a kitchen knife
never really thinking,
I could end her life,

I didn’t care,
I didn’t want to,
But when I hit her torso,
My mind simply blew,

I ran behind the counter,
Grabbed the hidden gun,
And before I knew it,
I too, was done.

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