May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Looking out my window
Down to my backyard
To the swing set I played on,
Knowing it will all soon be gone.

Old memories coming to mind,
Watching little kids play,
Packing my bags,
My life is slowly going away.

I start looking around
Knowing I will not be here again,
The place I called home
A place that was mine

The sold sign out front
Boxes filling the rooms,
I have to start packing my things
I’m going to be late.

Walking through school,
It’s my name that they call.
Talking to friends
for what may be the last time,
Having trouble just getting down the hall.

My best friends are just standing,
Nobody knows what to say.
Sad to be leaving,
I really wish I could stay.

Looking at their faces,
Tears start to fall
I go to turn away,
To run far from it all.

I’ll miss my friends,
The school I attend
My room and house,
It’s all coming to an end.

My family is ready to go
To start new again
A new house and town
The same as back then

I hope the memories will never fade
My hurt and pain,
Will never be displayed

I’ll move on
Adjust to the change,
Start my new life
And make the exchange.

We leave in an hour,
I take one last look at my room
My mood has gone sour

It’s time to leave now.
I go to get in the car,
My mom starts to drive away
To go someplace far.

Everythings done,
Now we’re all settled in.
My things are unpacked,
Let the journey begin.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this piece, was how I am moving states in a couple weeks, and I am sad about leaving.

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