Lost in Your Addiction

May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

The night is beautiful, don’t you agree?
Not like the daytime, where emotions are so… meek.
No, no, no, the night is a different world,
So awe inspiring, like a fallen angel’s wings as they unfurl!

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Madam, where do you think you are going?
With such riches on you, making your body look bowing.
Join us in the land of ecstasy and joy,
Where needles and knives are just another toy.

Sleep has no peace in a mind liken to yours,
Where simple things like lying are such a chore!
Hath you no courage, my little Dove?
There is always a price, your flesh for my love.

Can’t you feel it creeping up on you, curling through blood?
Drug is such a strong word; it’s an unforgettable flood!
Oh why would you want to leave the night?
Never ending pleasure for a just a bit of fright?

Come, come my little wingless Lover,
I will give you flight, so you can soar with the plovers!
You can’t resist the call, can you, Dear?
What’s to lose, your sanity? Not to fear.

I’m the predator and you’re the flightless prey,
Watching you from close-by, waiting for the right day.
Watch your wings slowly fade away into the sunlight,
Addicted to the feeling, so you continue, forgetting the fright.

A savior, my Dear? No, you’re wrong, I’m afraid.
I’m just the enemy, and you are far from brave.

You will never leave me, I’m sorry to say,
But you did choose this path, to this God you prayed.
“Save me from myself!”
So you took self-mutilation and gave your endless wealth.

“I take it back! Help me, I beg! Free me from this curse!”
Oh trust me, from now on it will only get worse.

The author's comments:
A poem that's not usually how I write about how drugs and addiction ruin a person's life.

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