Deep Southern Love

May 12, 2012
By GreekGeek4 GOLD, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
GreekGeek4 GOLD, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
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You loved me
And I loved you
But our love was torn apart
How could they think that you and me
Would never work, would never be
Oh, you won't last, it's just a fling
In a year or so, you'll forget everything
But I've got news for all of you
We love each other
Guess that sucks for you

Days, then weeks, then months passed by
Nobody liked it, they didn't even try to keep that on the sly
And one day near the end of summer, they all got together
Thought up a plan that includes writing some letters
I got mine and you got yours
And the deed was done
Didn't see you no more

You wore black all through my wake
And all through yours I had this ache
I tried to stop my heart from beating
So my family packed up
But for you, I kept on screaming.

When I turned 24
I found the letters in a drawer
I unraveled their plan
Found them out
Told my mom, I'm running back as fast as I can
I'm going back to the south

There you were
By the pond
Our special place
But the look on your face was one of love
And I knew that it wasn't for me
It was for the sweet little dove
Sitting next to you
For her pale hair, and her milky skin
It was her you loved
And your memory of me, it had finally dimmed

I'm going back to the city
I won't bother you two
I just I hope, one day, I meet somebody new,
But, I promise you, my sweet Andrew
I will never, ever forget you.

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