Torn Up

May 12, 2012
By Anonymous

I'm actually in a state of massacre
Already in stress
Though it's only the first few minutes

I can't describe what I feel right now
But don't ask why
Just don't

Maybe I'm a bomb, ready to explode
Or prepared to get into other people's business
so it doesn't spread like wildfire

It's contagious, and I want to help
I need to help
And thus, I need help

To assist and to aid

But the stitch is already open
The disease has spread its cancer from
the inside out

Stop it.

I'm breaking down
But I cannot cry
I will not cry

So don't you worry
This is only a poem, It's not real
Will never be real

And yet...I'll fix it, I'll make it better.
I'll stitch your wound
If you'd only let me

The author's comments:
Honestly, I was pretty torn up when I wrote this (hence the title). One of my best friends had gone through a hard time, and so I wrote this poem not only to shed my sorrow, but to also show her how much I care.

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