just be "you"

May 15, 2012
By L.A.246 BRONZE, Fanklin, Tennessee
L.A.246 BRONZE, Fanklin, Tennessee
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This is your chance.
Be free
because pretty soon society will have conformed you to fit the crowd.
Open your eyes
because soon enough you’ll lose your ability to see.
Oh no, you won’t be blind.
Oh yes, you will be able to look,
but seeing is a gift only children bear
Take a risk,
for a time is coming when you’ll be too afraid.
Fall in love.
Too soon you will be over thinking your feelings.
Make mistakes.
Now, the consequences don’t matter.
Dream on dreamer.
You’ll think your aspirations are silly later on.
Be ridiculous and stupid.
Right now you don’t care what others think.
Be yourself.
Just be who you are
because I know how it works.
You grow up.
You lose yourself.
You forget about real happiness,
and imagination.
You mold yourself.
Sometimes, you completely change who you are
to be “normal”,
whatever that is.
Help me to understand
what is normal.
Normal is average.
Normal is how you “fit in”.
Normal is safe.
Normal is boring.
You are unique.
You are different.
You are the only “you” in the entire world.
Oh, but there will come a time
when you “grow up”.
It’s almost inevitable.
You let the real you go.
You tell yourself,
“i have to grow up sometime”
or, “i can’t be a kid forever”.
You’ll fool yourself into thinking
that you’re doing the right thing,
but deep down inside
you know it’s wrong.
So, you keep one little part of yourself,
nothing major,
just a speck of who you really are.
You’re hoping it lasts,
hoping the little flame of fiery goodness
doesn’t burn out.
Then, when you grow old,
you will look back and think,
“Why did i throw myself away?”
“Oh yes, so i could be successful, normal,
so i could fit in and be liked.”
“how stupid was I?”
You will try to give in to that little speck,
but you will never be truly satisfied.
You will try to find yourself in the midst of other lost souls,
just like the others who gave themselves up,
but most will fail.
Most try for a couple of years,
and soon give up.
Only some will look endlessly,
truly soul searching,
until they come across their very own ball of light.
However, you can’t just find it.
You have to reel it in,
and pull against the current.
You have to fight for it.
So, to avoid all of that.
Be who you really are.
Don’t lose yourself in the crowd,
because pretty soon you will regret it.
Don’t change who you are,
because soon enough
you will be trying to put yourself back together.
This is your time.
Use it how you want to.
This is your life.
Live it yourself.

The author's comments:
Thsi poem is inspired by a personal journey.

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