I am a hermit

May 15, 2012
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I am a Hermit
I live in the mountain in desolation,
But I not really alone among this nation
To broaden my views of this world under my feet,
Finding solutions but feeling so incomplete
I have the experience of a thousand days,
To set myself aside from today’s new craze
Isolated in this rocky mountain above,
To pursue dreams I care for and love
A visiting friend with indecisive decisions,
Leaves with a goal using expert precision
Wrinkles on the inside but I show no age,
I carry the insight of a masterful sage
I would rather set myself in my own reclusion,
Hiding away in my own thought provoked illusion
I find peaceful solutions with every waking concern,
Once I am complete I make my return
To spread my findings with the distressed, lost, and afflicted,
My teachings never stop and can’t be restricted
So I sit on the tip of this growing mountain top,
To offer a seat if they ever need to stop.

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