Caricature of Wisdom

April 29, 2012
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The most profound proclamation
Has me becoming something of desecration
I will not change I say, I stand firm on this territorial ground
I will not budge; I will make my voice heard—make it sound
Whenever I digress, I make sure it is a derivation of good
Whether it is from my mouth or my mind, I know not who could
Manipulate the pragmatics, this temple of eloquence now wrong
Have not I gone astray, have not I forgotten my song?
If it is of a precautious melody, to warn of the calm before the storm
Have not I reconciled these differences, found truth in higher form
Is it these lies of well-oiled machines that make dreamers dream and cynics cynical
Have not we forgotten the purge of mankind’s elation, once higher than the pinnacle
I may be a dreamer and if so let me dream, do not awake me
I may be a schemer and if so let me scheme, do let me be
I will awake someday, maybe here or perhaps even in far off lands
Wherever-I will take life as it is, assess my caricature of wisdom as it stands
Beauty to me is simplicity in the moment, the moment of the highest good
The moment were bereavement is the last thing between happiness stood
For if I die young, let me forget not these three things:
The house I grew up in, the love I had, the happiness life brings
If we can all remember those things, do we not have it all?
We have the purpose behind creation, the notion to feel tall
Will we ever meet the artisan who created every being?
Will we ever outgrow our caricature of wisdom seeing
That a lot of things in life are distorted and some never true
But if I have myself, the only other thing I need is you
I need not this caricature of wisdom, for the portrait comes with age
Like the turning of a book, a new story impedes every familiar page
We have to grow, we have to realize with happiness comes love
We have to realize, that to grow we must look for that above
For if it is just below we look, we will surely never know
How to rid this caricature of wisdom, and let our true selves show

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