Perfect Moments

April 29, 2012
Wishing the world could pause
For one moment
Perfect yet bitter
Sweet bliss

A flower-dotted meadow
With a soft carpet of grass
The trees creating a light green glow
The creek flowing past,
The water lapping on the smooth rocks
A bridge leading right into the shadows
Of the wood

We run into the field
From a path through the trees
With a picnic basket in hand
Set out the blanket
And have our fun in the shade

We race to the creek
Our laughter joins in with the sounds
Of the chirping birds
And babbling creek
The sounds add to the serenity
Instead of disrupting it

Wading in water
Skipping rocks
Splashing and squealing

Only a few of these perfect days exist
One of them was mind
Loving life
And dreading the moment when this ends

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