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May 1, 2012
A dictionary tells us that love is an intense feeling of great affection.

A thesaurus tells us some “synonyms” for love are words like:
Warmth, intimacy, adore, desire, and lust.

But you never hear some one say, “I desire you” or “You warm me up.”
And if you do it doesn’t convey the same message as “I love you.”

Those three little words can have so much power.
How is it that just three words can express so much feeling?

If you wrote the love of your life a four page letter (without using “love”),
and then ended it with, “Oh I like you a lot.”

You probably wouldn’t have a date with them anytime soon.
No matter what you said.

So why can “love” convey such a moving message?
It all has to do with how it’s said.

Like all emotions (happiness, sadness, anger, LOVE),
how you use it, is what generates the power.

Love is a word, that when I use it,
I find it just subconsciously falling out of my mouth.

It’s potency is too much for my mind to contain.
When one truly feels it, it will just “rolls of to tongue,” so to speak.

That is what triggers the power.
It builds up inside a person until

an explosion of emotions, and feelings are dumped out of a being.
That is why it’s incredible.

Because when it’s true,
It can’t help but find who it’s intended for.

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