Medical Log On My Societal Disease (Ode to Friday)

May 1, 2012
By EricH PLATINUM, Madison Heights, Virginia
EricH PLATINUM, Madison Heights, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
And before our world goes over the brink,
Teach the believers how to think.

-Philip Appleman

The pathogen begins to root
Below the eyes.
In the form of dark circles,
Cirulation lost.
These remain throughout the
Entire attack,
If not tended to immediately
In the form of

Cognitive abilities are the
Next to go, and,
As focus starts to blur,
Energy and will are
Cut severely, making nothing
As fun as it
Previously was, before...

It largely appears to be
A week-long ill...
Which brings a spark of hope
Into my life, for
Another day of this and I
Would be,
Brought down to my knees,
A useless, broken man.
Thank God...

It's Friday!

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