Us Against the World

May 1, 2012
By somad BRONZE, Kingman, Arizona
somad BRONZE, Kingman, Arizona
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Your warm hand and icy touch
I shiver as heat surrounds us
Your grating voice, soft like a whip
I close my bright eyes, dark from my past
Your watery eyes fill with fire
As we shout in whispers, saying what we don't mean
& whisper in our shouts, hinting we still love each other
My boiling blood runs cold
as our frivolous quarrels turn into heated arguments
And as you walk swiftly to pack your bags
I give in, saying sorry again,
As always
We're a controlled chaos;
stopping the unstoppable,
loving the unlovable,
doing the impossile,
avoiding the inevitable,
We're us, alone, together
Against the world

The author's comments:
My teacher made me do an oxymoron poem.

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