May 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I enter the doorway not knowing what awaited me
I feel a cloud of warm air surround me
The heat overpowers me
The smell of stinky feet wraps around my nose and doesn’t let go
The smell overpowered me
At that moment I knew what lied ahead for me
Noise from the panel mats clamping together pierces my eardrum
Quickly I approached the lesson plan and placed it
On the clipboard at my side
Class was about to begin

The food all the children were eating left a bad taste in my mouth
I could hear their screams of the children
As they were escorted inside the gym
My nerves were clenching and it was about time to start
The kids approached me in hopes I would tell them what they wanted
But this was not the case
They started to run in a circle and I started to get dizzy
The antibiotics were not working
The heat overpowers me
I could feel myself slowly plop down to the ground
The kids wouldn’t be able to climb the rope today.

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Its Poetry

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