senses of beauty

May 17, 2012
By delaney kenny BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
delaney kenny BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I see the sun blazing high
And the birds flapping jubilantly.
The flowers have bloomed
And the leaves have sprouted,
I see the squirrels frolicking
up the trunks of many trees.

I hear the sounds of children playing
And the echoes of the calling birds.
The trees sway in the wind,
rustling the leaves creating a soft hush.
I hear the sounds of happiness and joy.
They speak to me.

I taste the mist on my upper lip
Perspiring under the sun.
The ice cold lemonade
That envelopes my taste buds
Is tart and sweet.
I taste the summer air approaching kindly.

I feel the rays of the intense ball of fire
High in the sky.
The stickiness of the humid air
Lingers all around.
I feel the cool breeze reversing the previous effects.

I can smell the freshly cut grass.
The scent of sunscreen saunters on the flesh
Of children by the pool
I smell the blossoming orchids
Placed in the center of our kitchen table.
Summer has greeted me
With all the kindness it can be acquainted with.

The author's comments:
this early spring it was really hot and it reminded me of a summer day. I find summer beautiful and inspiring.

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