May 17, 2012
By km.moloney BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
km.moloney BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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From the shining summer skies smiling down at you
To the clear grey angry clouds chasing after you
From the birds chirping all your favorite songs
To the boom of thunder waking up the sky

From the piercing sirens
To the snapping of tree branches
From the wet walls of your basement
To the tall walls collapsing around you

From the warm and comfort of your home
To the unknown of the world around you
From the worriless days in the sun
To the dreadful times in the rain

From the playful thunder
To the twists and turns of a tornado
From the suction of the clouds
To the uncertain safety

From the dark, dreary grey skies
To the cool breeze of the sun, happy once again
From the pouring rain, to the sad no longer gain
To the new security as the twisting and turning tornado leaves your site.

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