hollow halls

May 17, 2012
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dark and eerie
quiet and creepy
small sounds echo
none but me
i can see

I'm here alone
arm hairs standing
goosebumps are rising
senses on high

i feel like I'm standing on
the edge of
the world, waiting
watching my feet
willing my body
don't accept defeat

suddenly there's light
a silent silhouette
creeps up stairs
turning towards the
hall where i
stand in silent
wait. steps move
closer, louder and
scarier, my heart
in my stomach

the silhouette seems
to fade away
steps not audible
light not visible
i run the
whole building trying
to get free
i am trapped
in a maze

i sit, cry
and scream to
no one specific
just help me
out of these
dark and eerie
quiet and creepy
hollow halls

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