The Lifetime (To Ladies)

May 17, 2012
By TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
TAM_66 SILVER, Atlanta, Georgia
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A question for the possibilities and an answer for the ages

Look at yourself in the mirror,

A child of God, an angel

Pretty as can be, an innocent

Child, that's ready to believe

A future Lawyer or Doctor

That has to go through a lifetime of factors

Pregnancy is the biggest factor,

This can end your hopes and dreams,

How can you have sex, by trying to scheme?

No, it's the choice you make,

Who are you to think you can make such

A decision and not be safe,

Be careful what you choose, in the end

you have a lot to loose

You have a lifetime for sex,

but only have so many years in high school,

Just be cool, stay in school,and wait

for that time to come, because once

that baby is here,

There is no turning back,

No trying to make it right, because your boyfriend will mostly be out of sight,

Which forces you to raise that child alone,

That's not the life you want,

Living in sorrow, and trying to figure out what's next

You have a lifetime to settle down and be happy,

Having your education and diploma can take,

You so much farther,

Patience is the key to life sometime, wait and be safe, because you have a lifetime for

these things

Before I leave I'll leave you with this, let it sit in your

brain all admist,

When he says he loves you, it's mostly for the sex,

and when he's done with you he'll wish you the best, be careful who you choose because

they aren't always the best, it's all just for the sex

Enjoy your lifetime, free, loving and safe

Be beautiful, Be smart

Your lifetime can go so far.

The author's comments:
For the teen pregnancy

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