Love Throughout Life

May 16, 2012
By elena marino BRONZE, Norco, Louisiana
elena marino BRONZE, Norco, Louisiana
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A child is radiating with warm, yellow love
As beautiful as the orb of warm, yellow light
That dances happily around the sun.
You can apparently see this radiating love
In the way she dances in the yard,
Picking flowers to give to Mommy,
Or the way she splashes wildly in the mud,
Smiling ear to ear at the pure enjoyment at the flying filth.
She does not know why, and she does not bother to wonder why,
But she loves life.
When she hugs a puppy with all of her little strength
And when she thrusts herself sprightly into her father’s arms,
The love spills out of her bright eyes
And falls on anyone who comes close enough.
She generously gives her love to anyone and everyone.
She does not worry about running out;
She has enough to spare.

As the child grows and changes, so does her love.
Reality and World, implacable and pernicious, tag-team Heart,
Stealing its innocence and dampening its love.
No longer quite so warm and yellow,
It becomes darker,
It becomes questioning and uncertain.
Her heart begins to wonder
“Why do Mommy and Daddy argue?
Why are some kids at school just so mean?
What is war and why are there men far away with guns,
Shooting them at other people?
Don’t they love each other?”
Yet, Heart remains strong
And encourages the child to remain happy
And hold on to her love.

Inevitably, the child will continue to grow up
And under the pressures of life, her love is challenged.
She has to make a choice between treating people with love
And fitting in.
Many a time, she will choose to fit in.
Although love screams at her that it is wrong,
She suppresses the feeling and forgets her love,
Joining in with caddy girls making rude comments
About other people and their imperfections.
Somewhere along the way, an amazing guy shows up,
And love returns to her life,
bright and radiant,
Warm and yellow.
She is happy again, like a child playing in the mud and dancing in the yard.
She no longer sees the need
To sacrifice her love for meaningless peer approval
Unfortunately, this doesn’t last forever.
Her heart, once more, turns sad.

Over the years, Life does not rest.
As she grows old, she comes to understand and accept Reality.
World, Reality, and Life can be cruel.
But now she has to make a choice.
Unlike the unfortunate events
Which she cannot control,
This decision is in her own hands.
The options are clear.

Option A:
Let Life keep punching.
Take the beating.
Let the harsh inflictions burrow into the heart
And stay there.
Growl and submit quietly,
As the heart turns bitter and turns its back on love.

Option B:
Don’t take the beating.
Fight back.
Love has endured thus far; it can go farther.
Love is strong enough, this will always hold truth.
Gracefully grow old, showing love to people,
Warm and yellow love, like that of a little girl.

As one is born in love, one will grow in love, and, if one chooses, one will die, happily, in love.

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