Lucky Dollar

May 16, 2012
It's the middle of the Spring season
On a warm, May evening
When my parents and I pull into the parking lot at St. Patrick's
Where I play the beloved sport of Dek Hockey

Dek Hockey is just like Ice Hockey
But, there's no ice
And you wear sneakers instead of skates
And you're outside

From championship runners-up a year ago,
To a team that can barely notch their second goal
More than that, scoring the first goal was something!
We really needed some luck for this game

I open the gate to the rink
And I walk to the bench
While holding my green equipment bag, tan Mylec stick and my lucky dollar in my pocket
Here's the story of my lucky dollar:

So, I found this dollar earlier in the day
And I put it in my pocket
And When I realized I still had it prior to the start of the game,
I lodged it in my right shoe

I started on defense
I did alright, for a little
Until on back-to-back plays, they scored
At the end of the first, we're down 4-0
And my lucky dollar wasn't working

But, during the second period,
I switch to offense
My teammate dumps the ball into the corner
And I chase it with a man on my side
He wins the foot race,
But I poke it away from him
And I race to the net with the ball

Once I shot the ball,
All I thought was,
And God responded
God said "yes"

Once it trickled in,
I threw my hands up in the air
And immediately listened for my mom
Who yelled "Woo-hoo!"

It was our first goal of the game
It was our first goal in.... 3,4,5 games?
It was my first goal of the season
It got our team started

Then we scored another one
And then our third, I WISH
We scored two goals, and lost 6-2
But I was still proud of our team's effort

On the way home,
My dad, jokingly, made an interesting point
If one dollar gives me one goal
How much goals would a $20 give me?

Although my dad's observation is not completely proven yet,
I could care less
All I care about
Is that my lucky charm is a crinkled and sweaty, foot-scented dollar bill

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