Dark of Life

May 16, 2012
By RockerChick69 BRONZE, South Dennis, Massachusetts
RockerChick69 BRONZE, South Dennis, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:

As the darkness closes in on me
I fail to see the light 
Which lies ahead of me.
As the light fades
My eyes remain wide open.
Although the darkness surrounds 
The faint and weary beings
Of heaven and earth.
And hell begins its arrival
For earth is no more.
The night shall live forever
And all light will die
In the depths of hell
With all of whom believe
That the evil isn't here.
With those who don't beileve in paranormal.
The dark stays 
The light goes
There is no more sight
For all eyes are dark.
Although they remain open
When you don't beileve you don't see
The creatures of the night are here.
There is no escaping
Don't be afraid.
For the dark was always here.
Fear was only a figure of imagination
Until now.

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