Hold On A Little Bit Longer.

May 16, 2012
A young girl, oh so sad. She's beautiful like a winters sun, but yet she does not see that. She is trapped beneath this monster. She tries and tries to kick the monster aside. But it keeps winning. She cries hoping God will have some mercy on her. He doesn't seem to hear her. She whispers three words to herself in the dark... They are not "I love you". She scratches her wrists with all her strength. The monster is winning. God give her strength. She cries and cries but to no avail. She is so far into the dark where she is held captive by the monster. She wonders if she'll ever get out. Hope is something she always has, but is always let down. She wonders to herself "Should I end it now?" She knows people's words "you have so much to live for don't do this now!" Sometimes the monster leaves her be and doesn't bother her. But then it comes back twice as vain. The shaming love for pain is all she has. The love for friends and mom is all she has. Her face says brave... Her heart says scared.. The monster is getting bigger, oh what should she do? You don't know? Oh, I didn't think so.

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