Watching From the Sidelines

May 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Fighting for my moment in the spotlight
Trying to make my mark in high school
Practicing at home for that opportunity
Hoping to make that baseball team

Fighting to become the leader
Trying to prove I belong
Practicing with my brother to become better
Hoping to be where I belong

Fighting against my friends which become enemies
Trying to give it my all
Practicing my skills to make me stand out
Hoping that maybe everyone will watch me

Fighting the nerves of cuts
Trying to stop shaking
Practicing what I’d say if I get cut
Hoping I won’t have to practice that

Fighting back my tears of sorrow
Trying not to yell and pout
Practicing how to tell my friends
Hoping this was all a dream

Fighting for my moment to come again
Trying my best to work hard once more
Practicing that sport I love all over again
Hoping I will shine and make everyone proud

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