Saying Goodbye

May 16, 2012
By Caitlin Buteau BRONZE, Bernardsville, New Jersey
Caitlin Buteau BRONZE, Bernardsville, New Jersey
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Saying goodbye is never easy
I remember thos summer days
All the love-lit walks on the beach
I remember the first time we kissed
And we held each other until the tide rose
I remember the gritty yet soothing feeling of the sand beneath us
The peaceful sound of the waves smashing into the ocean floor
I remember sneaking out at night to see you
Catching glimpses of you beneath the stars
I remember creeping to the ocean pier
So that we could dance until the sunlight
But, then summer had come to an end
So now,
I am saying goodbye...

The author's comments:
This peom is about a summer romance. They had fun but now summer is over so they say goodbye. The girl is looking back onto the relationship and getting closure.

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