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May 16, 2012
By Zyferia GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
Zyferia GOLD, Clarkston, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"If you don't stand for something, You'll fall for anything."

I did a much needed evaluation of myself.
My setting, Theme, Even the plot of this great story I am to star in, a marvelous part indeed; Breathtaking even.

I made a vow.
Not only will I know my part and act it without flaw,
But today I will also learn a strangers part.
Learn to sing their song, Know and feel their joy.

I made a promise to not understand,and to not recognize the foreshadowing of my character.
I will rather let it just play out as it was indefinitely intended.

I have made a pact not to play my role,
By the definitions of who I am supposed to be.

I will discover who I am now,
And who I eventually want to be.

Is the day I stop acting and start living my life.

Is the day I take off my mask,
And show my face.
A phantom no more.

The author's comments:
This was caused by some family tension that I had been avoided for some time now.

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