Just Want To Be....

May 16, 2012
I just want to be accepted in the world
Find a spot to stay
Stay, so nobody tell me to go
People don’t understand me, my life, or struggles
I tried to keep my head up but I can’t
My view can be dark mostly
But don’t let that stop you, look at my good
Although I did more wrong than right
More Hurt than Care and More Anger than Happiness
Don’t judge me by my Spots or Stripes
I am not perfect and I always make mistakes
I just want to have a place to stay, to belong
Shine bright but let everyone know it’s not all about me
I think suicide thoughts daily
Wondering if my life going to fall apart more
I feel alone, I want to stay strong and not cry at night
Feel pain more everyday… Is it ever going to stop?
Can I fight the darkness?
I am not as strong as I seem
I just want to be accepted
Don’t know how to love, be a friend, or even open up, but I’ll try
You going to look back when I am gone; hear my voice: Just want to be…

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