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May 16, 2012
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The noble name of Nick, newcomer of East Northport in New York

I occupy an outgoing lifestyle, one that suits my needs

An ideal independent student who works well with others

Courteous and very courageous captain, for Commack consistent JV soccer team

My feet are always moving, as i fake people left and right

My touch is close to magical, when i move I make you fall

I cannot even dream of a life without the lovely sport of soccer

The true trainer of trying to become a tremendous track star

I will accomplish this wise goal, on the famous RunnersOval

A son of a successful, smart lawyer, and a sensible, stable and sweet mother

Who enjoys the extremely entertaining jokes of his entire family

And absolutely adores the company, of his very crazy family

Foresees my future in life as a follower of the fine sciences

Hoping the happening of becoming a harmful and happy heart surgeon

Wishing to willingly live the wonderful world of being wealthy

Yearning of yet another win of the victorious Yankees this year

I want to be able to wear another shirt of our only New York winners

My attire is always essential to the physique I plan to show

My mind is constantly thinking of a delicious dinner at home

I love to try new things everyday for I believe this shapes who I am

Thats the way I decide to be for I completely control the day

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